2020 NWRCHA News

Hope this finds you healthy and safe. As is the case for all businesses and organizations (horse and otherwise), these days we all must be flexible and everything is subject to change. That said, the NWRCHA Board members had a telephone meeting last week to come up with a revised plan for our 2020 show schedule. It is our intent to comply with State Regulations – we want all of our members to feel safe at our events. The horse show facilities where our events are scheduled are also working to abide by any necessary rules and have protocols in place to keep our exhibitors, owners and show staff healthy while attending an NWRCHA event.  Here is our updated 2020 Show Schedule:

July 1319, 2020 – Summer Showdown at Brasada Ranch

Rim Rock Riders is looking forward to hosting us again in 2020. Brasada Ranch Resort is scheduled to open on June 16 (at last check).  The show information should be ready by May 23.  Be looking for it on nwrcha.com.

August 7-9 2020 – Cowgirl Classic (re-scheduled)

This show will be held at the Oregon Horse Center. It will be an NRCHA show only – NO AQHA classes.  Friday, August 7, will be practice reining and practice herd work.

Calling all Cowgirl’s to sign-up to be a sponsor!  See the 2020 membership/sponsorship form for information.

2020 Year-End Awards

Being that the schedule has been dramatically shortened, the Board determined it was in the best interest of the Association to dispense with 2020 year-end awards. We are working on additional awards for the Summer Showdown and possibly some awards at the Cowgirl Classic. Check the NWRCHA website or Facebook page to keep up-to-date on what is happening. You can also call or email Diane Edwards for information (diane2bph@outlook.com or 206-390-0715).

2019 Year-End Awards

The 2019 Year-End Award points are available on the website: view here. Awards will be available at the Summer Showdown in the Show Office or you can contact Diane to make other arrangements.  When reviewing the standings, please keep in mind the following:

  1. No awards for AQHA reining or practice herd work classes.
  2. 1st and 2nd place only for AQHA cow horse classes.

There were very few who showed enough times to qualify for awards, so some award winners are not necessarily the highest scoring. Classes where no one qualified for awards are:

  • AQHA youth working cow horse
  • AQHA youth boxing

NRCHA classes have awards for 1st – 4th place. Classes where no one qualified for awards are:

  • NRCHA limited youth
  • NRCHA limited open bridle
  • NRCHA open hackamore
  • NRCHA limited open hackamore
  • NRCHA non-pro two-rein

High Total Score

Congratulations to Emily Kennedy riding Just An Awesome Mate for her 2020 high total score of 1,143.5. Emily will have her name added to the Bruce Gilchrist Memorial Trophy.

Let’s hope we all can get together and make the 2020 Summer Showdown one to remember! Stay safe!

-Diane Edwards
(206) 390-0715

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