Day in the Park – 2017 Cle Elum

View results from the 2017 NWRCHA Day in the Park show, August 26-27 in Cle Elum, Washington.

Beginning Boxing
Futurity – amateur
Futurity – non-pro
Futurity – open intermediate
Futurity – open level 1
Futurity – open limited
Futurity – open
Non-Pro Bridle
Non-Pro Bridle Intermediate
Non-Pro Bridle Novice
Non-Pro Bridle Select
Non-Pro Hackamore
Non-Pro Two-Rein
Non-Pro Limited 1K
Non-Pro Limited 5K
Non-Pro Limited Select
Non-Pro Limited
Open Bridle Limited
Open Bridle
Open Hackamore Limited
Open Hackamore
Open Two-Rein
Open Two-Rein
Youth Bridle
Youth Challenge
Youth Limited